• Website Creation and Maintenance
  • Printed Material Design
  • Online Databases Creation
  • Wireless Network Installation
  • Equipment Purchase Consultation
  • Hardware Upgrades

  • Virus and Malware Removal
  • System Cleaning and Defragmentation
  • Software Updates
  • Online Video and Audio Creation
  • Web Animation Development
  • Video to DVD Conversion

At Crighton Technical Services, we have a philosophy of shared knowledge. All too often, technical companies confuse their clients, rather than help them understand. By communicating technical ideas using plain language, we help our clients to feel comfortable, rather than anxious. We also spend time teaching our clients. This helps them become self sufficient and allows us to focus on more advanced issues.

Although we offer a variety of services, we do not claim expertise in every area. When asked for assistance in a discipline that is new to us, we openly disclose this fact. Most often, our clients appreciate the honesty and give us the opportunity to work on a solution for them. Through this strategy, we have had the opportunity to continuously expand our knowledge base and client list. If a project is simply too far out of our comfort zone, we will gladly assist in finding another vendor to help.

Our clients are different in many ways. However, they are all similar in one. Computer technology is an integral part of their daily operations; but, they cannot justify a full-time IT professional. This is where Crighton Technical Services fulfills a need. We provide technical services that are an appropriate size in an efficient straight forward manner.

If this philosophy sounds appealing to you, let us know if you have a project that we may assist you with. We work on projects large and small, commercial and residential.